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World Hanmadang 2011





We are now preparing for our 7th Annual Invitational British Championships which has become more popular and sucessful year on year.

Enquiries are already coming in from all over the UK and from overseas teams.

Please remember numbers are limited

We have categories for WTF style sparring, ITF style point-stop sparrring, WTF Patterns, ITF Patterns and weapons forms.



English Open 2014 Entry Form

English Open 2014 Kyorugi Criteria

Englsih Open 2014 Poomsae Criteria


It was standing room only at the recent British Championship in Bristol as WTF style, ITF style and Kickboxers battled in various divisions from full-contact sparring, semi-contact sparring, WTF Poomsae, ITF Tuls and Weapons forms. With competitors representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as participants from Jamaica, Morroco, Poland, Germany, Argentina and other countries.


CONGRATULATIONS to 12 year old Dean Turner from Bristol who was part of a 7 man (child) squad representing TKD England in the World Children's Taekwondo Union International Championship in Germany on 1st and 2nd February 2014. Although going out in the elimination rounds of the Kyorugi on the first day to the eventual Gold Medal winner from Serbia, Dean put in an outstanding performance on day two in the Junior Black Belt Poomsae divisions to win a Bronze Medal


UK Chung Do Kwan welcomes Master Finch 7th Dan and his many schools and instructors as part of the International Jun-Tong Taekwondo Federation. As well as his traditional ITF style background, Master Finch holds senior grades in Hapkido and Jidokwan Taekwondo and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Master Finch will also help TKD England in promoting the ITF style alongside it's already popular WTF side. We look forward to supporting and participating in in Jun-Tong Taekwondo events. (August 2013)



UK Chung Do Kwan members continue to enjoy great monthly squad sessions with TKD England. Grandmaster Mike McGavin recently attended the last session in London and linked up with TKD England Performance Director; master Stewart Armatrading


President Grandmaster Andy Davies and Master Nouri Nadine with Coach Mr Ellis Riley, led a combined team of UK Chung Do Kwan competitors and officials at the recent London Open International Championships in the Excel Centre, an Olympic warm up venue.

With competitors and international WTF officials from various countries, the standard of competition was extremely high nd UK Chung Do Kwan is pleased to have been able to participate in an event of this calibre.




Upwards of 200 competitors and their supporters from all over the UK, and abroad, descended on the Keynsham Leisure Centre for the annual UK CHUNG DO KWAN BRITISH INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP on Saturday 23rd March.

Hard work from officials and great support from Teams and their followers ensured a fnatastic day of competition for everyone who took part and attended.

Already preparing for next year.


Despite some appalling weather conditions with severe snow storms sweeping across the UK, over thirty people managed to make it to Slough in Berkshire to enable TKD England Squad training to go ahead.

Master Stuart Armatrading, an established high performance coach at international and world level, put students through their paces in a three hour session aimed at improving their competitive knowledge and abilities.




Once again Ellis Riley from GM Andy Davies Elite-Leadership Academy in Bristol is representing UK Chung Do Kwan in the 7th Scottish International Open WTF Taekwondo Championships on 17th/18th November which has attrated competitors from 16 different countries throughout the world.

Last year's Silver medal winner in the Snr Male -87kg weight division, Ellis is once again hoping to reach the final but this time to win GOLD.

Photo: Matt Davies (Coach), Ellis RIley, GM Andy Davies (Head Coach) (November 2012)



We are pleased to welcome another new member to the Chung Do Kwan fold in Master Karl Stevens 7th Dan Cheif Instructor and head coach of the MaverickFreestyle Black Belt Academy. With an extensive background in Taekwondo and Karate, Master Stevens has created a stable of outstanding competitors including World and European Champions.

UK Chung Do Kwan looks forward to seeing Master Stevens and his students at future events and representing our organisation in their pursuit of excellence. (October 2012)



Sincere congratulations to Yvette Yong of Chung Do Kwan - Grandmaster Chris Chong's Academy (Canada) who has just won Gold in sparring in the Pan Am Games and who then took Silver in Poomsae in the World Military Taekwondo Championships
Yvette Yong.

Yvette is 22 years old and has been training in Chong's Taekwondo Academy (Canada) since 1999.
Current WTF World Ranking:
-46 kg Rank #1 in the world

.(October 2012)


Bosch Fire & Rescue Service recently presented Grandmaster Andy Davies with a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal and commendation certificate authorised via the British Fire Services Association.

UK Chung Do Kwan Master Tony Shepherd 7th Dan who is the worldwide head of Robert BOSCH group emergency services that includes all UK services for Fire & Rescue which is Home Office approved, presented the award on behalf of BOSCH President Mr peter Fouquet.

This Medal is issued officially to qualifying members of the private Emergency Services and those nominated for their work with them. Robert BOSCH operates 27 Fire Brigades.

(October 2012)




In continuing a policy of encouraging and training more referees and officials to help run competitions and events, UK Chung Do Kwan is pleased with the increased interest by members in attending referee seminars.

The latest batch of referees and officials recently qualified and were presented with their certificates by UKCDKT President Grandmaster Andy Davies 8th Dan. (September 2012)


over fifty UK Chung Do Kwan members recently enjoyed a 3 hour seminar with Kukkiwon Grandmaster; Pan, Sim Woon who taught the latest techniques and developments from the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea. UK Chung Do Kwan is an officially registered member group with Kukkiwon and continues to attract more clubs and instructors to our ranks.

Grandmaster Pan will be in the UK for the next couple of months and we hope to arrange further seminars and special instructor training courses. (June 2012)



UK Chung Do Kwan's national Headquarters is honoured to have been invited to help support overseas Olympic hopefuls such as Libya's Mohammed Belgasem Tishli who will be attending several training sessions over the coming weeks as preparation for trying to qualify to represent his country. (June 2012)


Once again we announce more new members rallying under the banner of UK Chung Do Kwan; this time Master David McGoldrick 7th Dan and his organisation of 'Korean Martial Arts Academies. Originally from Ireland but now living and teaching in Torquay, Master McGoldrick regularly commutes to his family home in Dublin and has just been appointed as the President of the newly formed 'Irish Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo' . (May 2012)


The recent 2012 British Invitational Championships held in Bristol proved to be an overwhelming success with a big increase in the number of competitors taking part. Senior officials (above) ensured that the event ran smoothly. (April 2012)

WELCOME TO NEW GROUPS & INSTRUCTORS UK Chung Do Kwan is pleased to welcome several new groups and instructors as both affiliates and full members. Master Tony Shepherd 7th Dan a former member under Jidokwan. Master Simon Evans 6th Dan of Frontline Martial Arts. Master Paul Oxtoby 5th Dan of Oxmartial Arts who is an accomplished Taekwondo practitioner and also a noted full-contact Kickboxing Champion. Finally, Mr Luke Rawlins who has competed internationally as part of the UK Chung Do Kwan National Team and is opening up a major branch network in Central Bristol with the support of a professional health and fitness organisation.

With more enquiries coming in we hope to be able to announce more clubs and instructors coming on board in the near future. (March 2012)

Master Tony Shepherd 7th Dan ..

Master Simon Evans 6th Dan
Master Paul Oxtoby 5th Dan
Mr Rawlins 2nd Dan

UK CHUNG DO KWAN - Southern Open The first competition of the year started with the Southern Open where competitors from all over the region and as far afield as Wales took part in disciplines including full-contact sparring, semi-contact sparring, Poomsae and weapons.

Junior Black Belt Semi-Contact


The children's divisions provided plenty of excitement


Competitors showed great skill


The event provided an opportunity for member clubs and guest associations to start the New year on a positive note. Thanks to Master Steve Graham (Portsmouth) for hosting the competition. (January 2012)

African Chung Do Kwan UK Chung Do Kwan is pleased to announce an alliance with Chung Do kwan groups in Africa, initiated by Ghana Chung Do Kwan who are developing a wider African Federation with Chung Do kwan groups starting with Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Niger. African delegate Master Okoto Raphael Sylvanus recently came to the UK to meet with UK Chung Do Kwan senior officials to forge official links under the World Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo Alliance. (January 2012)

  SCOTTISH OPEN SUCCESS : Ellis Riley was the only UK Chung Do Kwan competitor in the Scottish Open hosted by Taekwondo Scotland. Accompanied by National Team Coach Master Mike McGavin, Ellis put in an outstanding performance to take the Silver Medal in the mens -87kg weight division in an event that attracted competitors from all over the world. (November 2011)

CHUNG DO KWAN GRANDMASTER: Sung Jae Park 9th Dan The weekend of 19th and 20th November saw the returnto the UK of Grandmaster Sung Jae Park to conduct a series of seminars and Black Belt gradings. Hundreds of students participated in various parts of the country and Grandmaster Park Presented UK Chung Do Kwan President, Master Andy Davies with an International Chung Do Kwan award. (November 2011)

UK CHUNG DO KWAN - Welsh Championships The first Welsh Invitational Championships held in Cardiff and hosted by 'Soryong Taekwondo' proved an overwhelming success and exceeded everyone's expectations. Our thanks go to the organisers, officials and sponsors. (October 2011)

Excitement from the Black Belts


Action from the children's divisions


It was fast and furious throughout the day


The event finished with the medal awards ceremony

Meeting Kukkiwon Officials

UK Chung Do Kwan President Master Andy Davies with senior Kukkiwon officials in London at the invitation of Mr Yonggi Won, Director of the Korean Cultural Centre in the UK. Master Davies met with the officials including Master Na, Young-Jip Section Chief of Overseas Strategy Team where the Kukkiwon Demonstration Team were performing as part of festivities to celebrate Korean culture (September 2011)


CHINA EXCHANGE HUGE SUCCESS UK Chung Do Kwan recently sent a team of athletes to China to experience their training methods and to compete against Chinese fighters. The 14 day trip included appearances on major television networks, making front page headlines and an invitation to meet the abbott of the world famous Shoalin Temple.

UK Chung Do Kwan members were interviewed on TV


Ellis Riley competing against a Chinese opponent


Lawrence Dickens who impressed the Chinese with his speed and skill


The squad trained with some of China's top Taekwondo exponents

Everywhere the team went they were received with a great deal of interest, excitement and publicity and actually made front page and headline news in Chinese papers. Also in the country were some high ranking Taekwondo practitioners from Korea and the UK Chung Do Kwan members were priviledged to be asked to train and perform publicly alongside them.

The team also received a special invitation to meet with the high abbott of the famous Shaolin Kung Fu temple and to meet some of the most senior monks, an honour usually reserved for visiting dignatories.

As a result of the teams impressive performance, UK Chung Do Kwan National Coach; Master Mike McGavin was invited to conduct a series of seminars and sit on a grading panel as guest examiner at Taekwondo promotion tests.

The success of the exchange is due to the hospitality and friendship of the people of China and the the quality and standards of UK Chung Do Kwan. (September 2011)


IMPORTANT KUKKIWON NEWS UPDATE Kukkiwon statement from Master Na, Joung Jip head of the Europe and African International Division: "It is my great pleasure to inform you that the Kukkiwon will organize a Special (Dan) Promotion Test in the UK in September of 2011. The main purpose of this Special Promotion Test is to provide a venue for Taekwondo practitioners who have not promoted through the Kukkiwon Dan process for various reasons, an opportunity to achieve Kukkiwon certification. Most importantly, this examination will allow us to further promote the spirit of Taekwondo through Kukkiwon certified masters in the UK. Please see the attachment for detailed information." (July 2011)


Competition Success UK Chung Do Kwan members recently enjoyed great success at the 'Xtreme Taekwondo Open Championships' held in Plymouth on Sunday 19th June where they entered a squad of 12 competitors supported by 7 officials. Overall the team took 10 Gold and 5 Silver Medals.


The UK Chung Do Kwan team were proving so successful at using powerful head kicks that the organiser decided to ban them in the interests of safety and as a means to protect other teams and competitors.

Whilst head kicks were permitted within the rules, UK Chung Do Kwan accepts that there was genuine concern by the organiser for the welfare of all competitors who took part in the event.

(June 2011)

World Chungdokwan Taekwondo Alliance Following discussions with Taekwondo representatives in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, a new international Chungdokwan alliance has been established to encourage greater cooperation and exchange between groups around the world. UK Chung Do Kwan are pleased to be invovled as a representative body for Great Britain.

A sponsorship agreement has already been reached to enable 10 UK competitors to represent Great Britain in Asia later this year. (May 2011)


ISO Registration UK Chung Do Kwan is pleased to announce that after meetings and vetting with the International Standards Organization that we have been approved for consideration of registration and are now in the process of undergoing an audit. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Standards .

ISO is a network of the national standards institutes of 162 countries , one member per country, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, that coordinates the system. ISO is a non-governmental organisation that forms a bridge between the public and private sectors. On the one hand, many of its member institutes are part of the governmental structure of their countries, or are mandated by their government. On the other hand, other members have their roots uniquely in the private sector, having been set up by national partnerships of industry associations. Therefore, ISO enables a consensus to be reached on solutions that meet both the requirements of business and the broader needs of society (May 2011)

  Referee Seminar The recent National Referee Seminar saw 19 new referees qualify at various levels ranging from Class 1, 2 and 3. The seminar covered the latest UK Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo competition rules and practical applications. The day concluded with watching and reviewing referees officiating at the 2011 World Taekwondo Championships held in Korea. (May 2011)

China exchange National Kyorugi Team Coach; Master Mike McGavin has recently returned from an intensive training programme in China with some of the country's top Taekwondo and Kung-Fu Masters. During his trip Master McGavin received intensive training and also taught in Chinese Taekwondo clubs and Nanjin University and on his return to the UK he received confirmation of his promotion to 8th Dan. A special exchange visit to China has been arranged in July 2011 for two weeks including the chance to compete in a top rated official Chinese Taekwondo championships. (March 2011)


Grandmaster Sung Jae Park Seminar Respected Grandmaster Sung Jae Park, 9th Dan Chung Do Kwan and President of Chung Do Kwan International has confirmed that he will be returning to the UK in November 2011 to conduct seminars and Black Belt gradings.

Grandmaster Park has established himself as a popular instructor with British Chung Do Kwan practitioners and has attracted a growing international interest for his seminars.

We advise that the seminar will be held near London and is open to Taekwondo practitioners of all grades. Those wishing to attend are reminded to book early and should contact Master Andy Davies in order to register. (February 2011)


Medal Success at South Dublin Open All 5 members of the National Squad selected to represent UK Chung Do Kwan at the IRISH TAEKWONDO UNION South Dublin Open won through to medal positions:

Gareth Cooper (Gold) Luke Rawlins (Silver) Laurence Dickens (Silver) Matt Davies (Bronze) Ellis Riley (Bronze) (October 2010)


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