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As a registered member body with the UK Tae Kwon Do Commission, we have been instrumental in developing a National Coaching bespoke Award Scheme, which is fully endorsed and certified by Focus Awards, an official awarding body with the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).

This coaching award scheme is aligned against the National Occupational Standards (NOS). All instructors and assistant instructors are now required to qualify in this award scheme.


UK Chung Do Kwan has officially notified Kukkiwon and the ETU that it does not support the new 'Kukkiwon Global Project' and introduction of the Kukkiwon Panel Test Committee (KPTC) system for Poom/Dan gradings. We do not agree to or recognise the authority of other examiners or organisations to grade our members.

Our Black Belt gradings regularly include additional criteria to that of the Kukkiwon and we see no benefit in a conveyor belt system of mass testing which will only lessen the value of Kukkiwon certification. We have formally declined to participate in the scheme and no longer accept Kukkiwon as a certifying authority with any relevance to our organisation.

We will maintain our traditional roots and cherish our diversity and not be part of promoting 'Kukkiwon target business' (their words, not ours) by allowing examiners, who do not meet 'our' standards to determine our levels of Black Belt profiency against grading criteria that falls short of 'our' requirements.

Neither the Kukkiwon or the UK Kukkiwon Panel Test Committee have sole or exclusive authority for certification or promotion testing and UK Chung Do Kwan continues to access and provide internationally recognised accreditation.


Sunday 19th July 2015.

A successful first seminar and Black Belt Executive meeting with some of the UK's leading Chung Do Kwan Masters and Grandmasters.







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